Sample Ambulance Service prides itself in utilizing up-to-date technology in all aspects of the company.  From our fleet of trucks, to the latest in heart monitoring technology, we strive to use the latest tools on the market.


Sample Communications Center keeps their finger on the pulse of the 911 System. All dispatchers are EMD - Emergency Services Dispatch Trained and able to give Pre-Arrival Instructions over the phone including directions on CPR. All dispatchers are also CPR for HealthCare Professional trained and 90% hold EMT Certifications.


We have a team of four full-time fleet care professionals. Two are master technicians, one line mechanic and one apprentice mechanic. We have 35 front-line 911 units and 12 ILS/CCT/Special Event units. We perform all maintenance in-house except warranty work, and some heavy line work that is more efficiently outsourced. We use an aggressive preventative maintenance program patterned after the aviation industry to keep critical failures to a minimum and keep the fleet in a constant state of readiness.


Support Services

Our staff of highly trained personnel work to assist in all operational aspects of the ambulance service. All personnel are required to know how to operate all of the equipment on the ambulance. They are responsible for stocking the vehicles and providing support as needed to crews. Most employees are EMT certified or hold CPR Certifications.


Our fleet is mostly McCoy-Miller Type III modular ambulances. We run four Type II ambulances in the ILS/Special Events division. We have two bariatric patient (over 400 lb) capable ambulances. Our four Supervisor and Critical Care Transport units are Wheeled Coach E450 Type III long wheelbase modular ambulances.


Philips Monitor

We were the first major ambulance company to utilize the Philips MRx. We continually work with Philips and have made recommendations that were implemented into the monitor. This monitor offers continous 12 lead capability which is better for watching the progression of MI or the decrease of MI's in relation to our therapies. This monitor also has the capability to continuously monitor end tidal CO2.

Tank Boss

The Tank Boss is a hydrolic lift designed to load and offload oxygen tanks into the ambulance. We purchased this for employees as studies showed decreased back injuries secondary to loading and offloading tanks into the ambulance.


Power Gurney

As new trucks are being added to the fleet all trucks are being fitted with Stryker Power Gurneys. These were purchased for the safety of the crew and patients to prevent injuries in crew members and allow us to more safely transport patients.